My current research excavates the relationships among feminism, gender, psychology, and policy in the United States since World War II. I examine how feminist social scientists developed and communicated a science of gender that challenged traditional gender ideologies and informed policy from the institutional to the national level. I focus on women’s education and employment, violence against women, and women’s mental health. These questions form the core of my current book project, The Science and Politics of Gender: Feminist Psychology and its Publics in Late 20th Century America, under contract with Oxford University Press. Working with colleague extraordinaire Peter Hegarty, I recently guest edited a special issue of the journal American Psychologist on the science and politics of sexual orientation and gender diversity, published in the fall of 2019.

I have also worked with the Psychology’s Feminist Voices team on a video series to teach psychology students the fundamentals of gender-based analysis. This project was funded by the Teaching and Public Understanding of Science grants program of the Association for Psychological Science. I have an ongoing collaboration with the Women’s Programs Office of the American Psychological Association and the Cummings Center for the History of Psychology to document the history and contemporary contributions of women of colour to psychological science, practice, and social change. See I Am Psyched!


Setting up Panel 2 of the I Am Psyched! exhibit for the Smithsonian’s Museum Day Live! 2016.

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